Activities & Resources for Programs – October



  • Build a Pizza Box Solar Oven – Use easily found materials to create an oven where students can cook s’mores.  The activity answers the question “What has engineering got to do with me?” in a way that is fun. 
  • Hands-On Math: Fraction Math Trees – This fun hands-on, kinesthetic and visual approach to learning about fractions produces “math art”.
  • Welcome to Space Math @ NASA – A collection of math videos, books, and activities that are sorted by grade level, science topic, NASA missions, and engineering topics. All activities are based on NASA Mission and projects.
  • STEM Lessons From Space: Mathematics – A collection of math and engineering activities, videos, and resources with a focus on the International Space Station. 
  • The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers – A collection of fun and easy activities for ages 4-18 that cover a broad spectrum of activities—everything from designing devices to address climate change to coding. 
  • STEM Activities for Families – Family engagement is a key factor in developing a positive STEM identity and success in STEM. These easy to implement, fun hands-on activities can be shared with families. The activities focus on engineering, technology, and math skills and content.







Click on the links below to access curated mini units of STEM-based curriculum from SDAN.


Recruit STEM Experts as Volunteers

Less than 50% of high school girls know a woman in a STEM career. Let’s change that – recruit STEM professionals to support the youth you serve today!

The Moonshot helps to connect STEM experts with OST programs! Share your program’s volunteer opportunities for STEM experts to work with your youth today! Register here to find role models and mentors in STEM.

Transformative Practices
  • Equity and Inclusion Webinar: NGCP Webinar – Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA Resources in Action Webinar – The Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA program, part of NASA’s Universe of Learning, provides resources and experiences that enable youth, families, and lifelong learners to explore fundamental questions in astrophysics, experience how science is done, and discover the universe for themselves. Join NGCP for this exciting webinar on 10/17/2023 to hear directly from this year’s 2023 Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA stipend recipients who are using these free resources and get ideas to implement in your own programs!
  • Equity and Inclusion Best Practices: Best Practices for Diversity and Inclusion in STEM – The US government sponsored document is a comprehensive analysis of diversity and inclusion in STEM in Federal agencies.  The lessons learned and recommendations are applicable to many environments including education in and out of school. It provides a summary of best practices that can be employed in implementing strategies to promote diversity and inclusion in the STEM workforce. 
  • Engineering Mindset and Earth Week 2023: Earth Science Week 2023 – Earth Science Week, celebrated each October, reaches millions of people annually with activities, materials, and information about the geosciences. The theme of Earth Science Week 2023, is “Geoscience Innovating for Earth and People.” The event (October 8-14, 2023), will emphasize the many ways that innovations in geosciences are helping communities create healthier and increasingly sustainable lives, while accelerating environmental problem-solving around the world. Find resources and learn more on the official website!
  • Engineering Mindsets Blog: NGCP Blog – Supporting Space STEM Education: Resources to Spark Curiosity and Inspire STEM Learning – This blog post shares a list of resources put together based on NGCP’s experience at the National Space Council’s Space STEM Forum along with the ongoing work of NGCP supporting gender equity in STEM. 
  • Role Models and Mentors: 10 Amazing Latina Women In STEM – To celebrate Hispanic Heritage month, Raising Smart Girls has listed 10 Amazing Latina Women In STEM.   
  • Role Models and Mentors Assets From the IF/THEN® Collection: Here are a few examples of role models from the IF/THEN Collection that can be used in marketing, presentations, social media, and for conferences presentations. More can be found in the MEDIA ASSET SECTION. 
  • Role Models and VolunteersRecruit STEM Experts as Volunteers
  • Family Engagement: Creating Pathways for Equity in STEM Through Family Engagement – This research paper describes the history, findings, and recommendations to reach underrepresented youth in STEM. The findings underscore the importance of family involvement and lists recommendations to change behaviors and the STEM pipeline. 
  • Partnerships: NGCP Blog – Empowering Montana’s Future: Unleashing the Impact of NGCP State Collaborative – In each state, the National Girls Collaborative Project model creates a network of professionals, researchers, and practitioners, who facilitate collaboration and deliver high-quality, research-based professional development. Learn more in this blog post that highlights the Montana Girls STEM Collaborative!


2023 Impact Report

Creating Impact Across the State South Dakota Afterschool Network has seen a great deal of change over the last year. With change has come growth, opportunity and success. Take a moment to celebrate with us the success we have found throughout the year and let us...

Activities & Resources for Programs – November

Activities & Resources for Programs – November

Activities Activities's Free CS curriculum - Free, flexible, and fun curriculum for every grade level (elementary, middle, and high school), includes lesson plans, videos, slides, assessments, and programming tools. Hour of Code Activities - A collection of...

Training and Professional Development – November

Training and Professional Development – November

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITIES   NASA Event  In partnership with NASA's Office of STEM Engagement, we are kicking off the MONTHLY Surprisingly STEM career awareness series that includes:  pre-recorded career episodes (5 minutes long), Associated STEAM Activities, and...

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