South Dakota’s First Ever Searchable Map of Afterschool

South Dakota has more than 300 afterschool and summer learning programs across the state for children and families. Use this map to find a program in your area.

How to Use the Map
Parents, families, and others interested in finding a specific afterschool or summer program can use the tool to search for programs based on different search criteria.

At the top of the dashboard, there are filters to select different criteria to search for programs. You can search by: location, program schedule, grades served, and other program details.

On the left side of the map, there are options to filter by specific activities that programs offer, such as tutoring, mentoring, STEM and other areas.

When you move your cursor to hover over a program on the map, there are more details available about the program. You can find program name, location, contact information, and other program details.

You can click on that specific program to highlight, copy, and paste the program information you need (address, phone number, website, etc.).

If you want to download or print the program information applied in the selected filters, click the arrow in the bottom right of the dashboard. This takes you to a list of the programs. Use the buttons in the top right to export the list in your preferred format.

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